Grass is life. It is fresh shoots sprouting in the wilderness of our imagination. It is the patches of wonder growing amidst the everyday.

Elements of GRASS

  • The threads in these cloths were spun and woven in the traditional way, by hand. This fabric was born to the ratcheting sounds of spinning wheels in weavers' houses, was woven with care and pride by a weaver who has been doing this for generations.

  • These designs were created using hand screen and hand block printing techniques, carrying with them the curves and forms of a forgotten time.

  • By taking inspiration from traditional Eastern design and by letting modern sensibilities decide the cuts and angles, we get a perfect blend of the old and the new.

Friends of GRASS

I always like to have at least one shirt from GRASS in my cupboard. The cotton so soft and comforting it feels like they were made for me. They are both smart and comfortable and that is what I love about Gitika’s clothes!
GRASS makes me feel like spring. It is clothing that surrounds me with light and effervescence, like a bubble of pure joy. The fabrics are a second skin and the styles reflect my moods…
Love the simplicity in design combined with the combination of colours that Gitika’s designs offer. Its unusual and stands out from the ordinary. Looking forward to the new collection :)
As fresh as the smell of newly cut grass, each garment by GRASS stands out in its simplicity, clean lines and attention to detail.