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It is a great honour, that Gitika Goyal is now on the board of UCRF (Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion). This is an international union for sustainability in fashion, founded by world greats in the field of sustainable fashion. This is an incredible validation of 24+ years of Gitika’s consistent practice in this field. In a very quiet way, she initiated slow fashion from the beginning of her work all those years ago and with this brand, she is the first to bring the concept of circular fashion in India. 

GRASS by Gitika Goyal, is the most recent brand created by Gitika Goyal. She established a design company CUT ONE in 1998 and has two other labels comprising of very highly refined and handcrafted, sustainable clothing & home textiles. These premium labels have retailed internationally in UK, Europe and the US through niche concept stores like Egg and Livingstone Studio in London, Caravane in Paris, and Bani in Bolzano among others. The Company's endeavour has been to work very deeply with everything Indian & Eastern, constantly experimenting, resulting in clothing and products that are modern and contemporary. And then, to make the concept of slow and sustainable fashion more accessible, she launched Grass by Gitika Goyal, a domestic online brand of eclectic, easy and affordable fashion for women.It has a youthful, casual and easy spirit with the same philosophy, practice and aesthetics. Since this brand is domestic, it was easy for her to make it into a circular model.


Over the years she has enjoyed teaching and has taught at NID, Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology and NIFT. Now it takes a new turn for her, as she embarks upon creating awareness and educating in the field of sustainability in fashion in India.